Mark den Hartog & Dale McCurdy – Owners

Meet Mark den Hartog and Dale McCurdy, co-founders of MeetMeOnBoard, the global social network dedicated exclusively to the LGBTQ cruise enthusiast. For years, Mark & Dale searched for a way to connect with fellow LGBTQ passengers onboard their cruises prior to, during and after the cruise. After a stroke of genius one evening, and a couple glasses of wine, MeetMeOnBoard was born. MeetMeOnBoard has become the go-to destination for LGBTQ cruisers to meet their fellow passengers before they set sail on the high seas. As one member recently said, “I really appreciate your web site. As first time cruiser we were able to get real answers from real people.”

Owner of MeetMeOnboard – (L) Mark den Hartog (R) Dale McCurdy

Avid cruisers themselves, Mark & Dale (who have been together for over 31 years) believe every LGBTQ cruiser should be able to connect with their fellow shipmates ahead of time, and know what the cruise experience is like, specifically for LGBT passengers.

Bon Voyage!

Mark & Dale