Carnival & Pollution


Years ago, when we first began feeding our cruise habit, an unpleasant cruise memory stands out. We were on Princess, and it was late in the evening on one of those amazing Caribbean nights. There wasn’t a star in the sky, and we stood transfixed at the stern of the ship watching the wake in the moonlight.

Suddenly we began seeing cardboard boxes containing what seemed to be food waste appearing in the ship’s wake. Even then, when most of us were far less ecologically aware, it was horrifying. The contrast of the beauty of the ocean we’d been enjoying with the disregard for nature was striking.

So it was disappointing and sad to hear that Carnival Corp (owners of Princess) were in Federal Court in Miami recently, concerning pollution issues.

In 2013, Princess was convicted of discharging oily waste into the ocean for 8 years and attempting a cover-up. In June of this year, the parent company pleaded guilty to several counts of probations violations. A $20 Million fine was imposed along with further probation constraints. The court determined that Carnival must work faster to fix environmental problems with less talk and more action.

It’s disappointing to see an industry leader be so cavalier with the health of the seas.