5 Reasons for LGBTQ Cruisers to Choose Alaska

…and, there’s a Pride connection!

Yes, the scenery in Alaska is indeed all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, we’ve sailed Alaska three times and loved every voyage. LGBTQ cruise travelers should definitely consider an Alaska cruise, especially now. We’re sailing on Azamara Club Cruises for a 10-day voyage beginning June 4 in the misty, magical waters of the 49th State.

This year is the first in which Azamara Club Cruises will sail to Alaska. This is also Azamara’s first call in our old hometown of Seattle, and Azamara Quest will proudly fly the Pride Flag in port celebrating the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. Not only that but Azamara has offered to give back to the large, vibrant LGBTQ community in the northwest…more on that below.

It would be gratifying and fun to have other LGBTQ cruisers join us on this cruise. A special bonus is that the pricing is unparalleled this season!

Vancouver, British Columbia


Encounter countless waterfalls on the leisurely sail up the Canadian coast to Alaska. The entire trip is filled with an infinite variety of shades of green. along with rocky outcroppings and the mysterious, dark color of the sea.

Vancouver or Seattle Departure? 

MMOB Tip: Sailing from Vancouver you revel in what is one of the most visually spectacular routes in the world. We’re talking about the Inside Passage, and especially the very narrow and scenic band of sea separating Vancouver Island from the mainland known as Johnstone Strait. This section of the inside passage is not to be missed.

In comparison, Seattle departures cruise on the open sea west of Vancouver Island. That itinerary does allow time for sailing the Johnstone Strait.

This part of the journey boasts seas often as smooth as glass. The occasional fishing boat drifts into view at dinner, having laid down a large circular net. At times you’ll feel as if you could touch the mountains on either side of the ship. Furthermore, Telegraph Cove lies on the northern part of Vancouver Island. This area is popular for its many pods of Orcas, also known as Killer Whales.

To learn more about the endless and sometimes confusing Alaska possibilities, consider speaking with Adam, our MMOB Travel Expert.


You’ll most certainly see the dramatic process of glacial calving, the process of the glacier breaking up and falling into the sea. The result is the indescribably beautiful blue ice that is exposed in the resulting wound in the glacier. Believe it when we say that your state-of -the-art television screen doesn’t do that blue color justice any more than it does the Aegean Sea surrounding the Greek Islands.

Glacier Bay, Alaska. © Mark den Hartog

On many cruise lines the crew picks up out a small iceberg from the sea and uses the ice for cocktails, a fun and photographable event.


Our experience is that in certain areas in Alaska the bald eagles are nearly as plentiful as sparrows in the lower 48. It’s gratifying to know that these remarkable raptors have come back from brink of extinction. Due to preservation efforts, these iconic and majestic symbols of the United States were taken off the endangered species list in 2007.

It’s hypnotic to sit on your stateroom balcony over breakfast or with cocktails watching the eagles. You can enjoy these aerial artists soar, glide and even fish for salmon, swooping down to water level and coming back rising back up with the unlucky fish.

It’s not unusual to see bears on shore, some of them seemingly bloated from a salmon overdose. The ship’s Captain is often on the microphone to point out wildlife and natural highlights along the voyage.


We feel that the relaxation of an Alaska cruise is second to none, surpassing a Caribbean itinerary. Something about the calm waters, the intense green shades of the evergreen trees, and the enchanting, long-lasting evening light helps us slow down and simply enjoy experiencing the land and sea as it slips by our cabin.

Several ships in Juneau, Alaska

Of course in Alaska you’re not going to lounge in the sun on a pristine white sand beach, but don’t make the mistake of thinking the weather is terrible. You’ll most likely experience rain, but a decent poncho and decent boots or shoes will do the trick. Enjoy  mist-covered mountains with waterfalls cascading down to the sea. Clouds often creep down canyon walls in an ever-changing and subtle display. Hikes in rugged terrain for the active cruiser are plentiful in almost every port.

A Pride Connection

Our Azamara cruise is just a few weeks away, and is especially important to us because of what Azamara is doing for the LGBTQ community in Seattle, Washington while we are in port in the Emerald City.

© Pride Foundation

On Thursday June 13, Azamara Quest will host the Seattle Pride Foundation’s annual Pride Brunch. This festive event is for “Visionaries,” those who have included the Pride Foundation in their estate planning.

The Pride Foundation was formed more than 30 years ago and has distributed over $70 Million to LGBTQ organizations in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho and Montana.

We were involved in the scholarship program of the Foundation when we lived in Seattle. A grant from the Foundation was instrumental to the success of the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus, of which we were founding members. At this point we’re proud to have connected two organizations that mean a great deal to us, Azamara Club Cruises and Seattle Pride Foundation.

While the event is by invitation only, you can be involved in several ways:

  • Consider joining us on the 10-day Alaskan Cruise round trip Vancouver June 4-14. This isn’t a hosted LGBTQ cruise cruise, but we’d love to have you, your ally family and friends join us! Support Azamara as they lead the way toward supporting our community in the meaningful work with the Pride Foundation.
  • With unprecedented low prices you can enjoy this cruise from $1,499.00 per person. At $150 per day this is an excellent value in Alaska, especially with drinks and gratuities included onboard Azamara. 
  • If you live in the region, come down to pier 66 and see the Pride Flag flying aboard Azamara Quest.
  • Come to Pier 66 and say “Good bye” at the 8:00 PM sail away.  Or, contact us at MeetMeOnBoard, we’d love to get together when we’re in port in Seattle.