LGBTQ will love these 3 reasons to choose Azamara in 2021


Azamara Club Cruises is the perennial winner of the Cruzie Awards®, as “Best Small Ship Cruise Line for LGBTQ Passengers” and Azamara’s 2021 Spring cruise line up is now available. LGBTQ cruise travel junkies should be very excited to have these great options.

Carnival in Rio on Valentine’s Day

Azamara Quest sails two round trip Buenos Aires cruises in February, one of which features Carnavale in Rio. Mark can’t wait to spray on a tan, get out the feathers and Samba his way through magnificent Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Sail into the harbor on Valentine’s Day, the morning of Carnival. Enjoy the view as you eat a scrumptious breakfast from room service. But take a nap, you’ll want plenty of time for one of the world’s most amazing parties.

Japan Immersive Journeys

Having traveled in Japan, Dale says that this is an experience you’ll never forget. You’ll see everything from the intensity and bustle of Tokyo to surprisingly peaceful and bucolic scenes as well, like this one in Kyoto.

The Golden Temple – Kyoto, Japan

During the first of the two back-to-back cruises in April of 2021 aboard Pursuit, you may even be lucky enough to be greeted by this fantastic island nation’s cherry blossoms. 

Beautiful Cape Town

Some describe Cape Town as Africa’s pinkest city. That may just be the case. LGBTQ rights are actually protected in South Africa’s constitution, the first country in the world to do so.

Azamara Journey spends most of January 2021 doing 12-night round trip Cape Town cruises, giving you chance to experience both wildlife and night life. You’ll experience six ports, three late nights and two overnights in this cruise of a lifetime.

Be sure to call our travel professional Adam to see about these or other cruise options.

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