Good-bye to the Buffet on Virgin Voyages!


That’s right, there will be no jokes about the buffet aboard Virgin Voyages when their first cruise ship, Scarlet Lady, sets sail in 2020. And there’s more, fellow LGBTQ sailors…all twenty or so of the dining venues will be complementary.

So let’s clarify that:  No more jostling other patrons for a table at peak hours. Sayonara to unappetizing buffet food when you get back late from a shore excursion. ¡Adiós! to tripping over small children running back to the buffet table for yet more french fries with extra ketchup. Virgin Voyages is adults only, 18 and above.

The 2,700-passenger ship is doing away with a main dining room and assigned seating. You’ll have extended hour choices and there is a bar in every restaurant. With that last bit of news, Scarlet Lady sounds like our type of gal!

So take your time in the tattoo parlor aboard Scarlet Lady, there are plenty of places to eat.