Fresh cruise ideas for LGBTQ travelers

Cruising is like sex —  an ingredient which brings added pleasure and joy to mundane life. Both sex and cruising can feel stale after too many repetitions of the same-old-same-old. If you want to spice things up for your next cruise, try these fresh cruise ideas for LGBTQ travelers.

Just like trying a new position or toy, sampling a different style of cruising can recharge your joie de vivre, put a spring back in your step, and remind you of the excitement of your first time.

Cool mountain breezes and snow-capped peaks refresh the body and spirit on a Nordic cruise.

Beat the Heat

Like most people living in the American southwest, we revel in the climate’s wintertime warmth. But when summer brings temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, we dream of an escape to cool weather. Several times we’ve booked a delightful escape on an Alaskan cruise. If you’re looking for a cool weather European itinerary, you’ll love the beautiful waterfalls and mountains of the Norwegian Fjords. This progressive, gay-friendly nation is a great place for LGBTQ travelers.

Adam’s Tip:  Consider a voyage that includes gay-friendly Amsterdam, a taste of Norway, and goes on to Iceland. This itinerary or something similar gives you a nice balance of urban life with beautiful scenery.

Another cool itinerary (in both senses of the word) is a Baltic Cruise. Summer temperatures here hover in the comfortable range of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The long summer days result in the famous “white nights” in this region, with light in the sky even in the wee hours of the morning.

Budapest, Hungary is one of the most popular River Cruise ports.

River Cruises

River cruises often dock right in the heart of a world-class city. Think Vienna, with sachertort and symphonies, Paris with  brie and a baguette, or Amsterdam’s canals and cannabis!  Any of these cities can enable you to kick up your Cha-Cha heels!

River cruises also minimize crowds by stopping in smaller towns on the rivers, not on the usual tourist itinerary. Plus, they give you the opportunity to get to know your cruise mates a bit better.

Adam’s Tip: Consider an 8, 11, or 13 day experience on the Douro River. This beautiful wine-producing region is a must for wine enthusiasts. An optional add-on in amazing Lisbon is available. This cruise includes excursions and unlimited beverages on board, and many clients have loved this line and itinerary.

Dale chats with a member of the excellent dining room staff aboard Azamara.

Small Ocean Vessels

Smaller cruise ships offer far different experiences compared to sailing on a megaship. Every cruiser should try a small ship at least once.  Consider a ship of around 1,500 capacity or smaller.  But there’s a catch — you may find yourself spoiled by the wonderful service!

Take the kids

Take a Disney cruise with your own kids or with nephews and nieces before they get too jaded to even consider spending time with you. A cruise will provide you and the kids with wonderful memories. Disney knows how to please the whole family, and we’ve never spoken to anyone of any age who has not enjoyed sailing with Disney.

MMOB TIP:  Disney has been offering 4, 5, 6 and 7-night (or longer) Caribbean sailings form a variety of ports, including San Juan. I can tailor a cruise to fit your desires in terms of travel time, your location and the needs of the kids.

Of course some other lines do a great job of catering to children, some include kids-only pools and other venues outside the children’s cruise area. Gay novelist Hans Hirschi has written for our blog about cruising on NCL with his husband, son, and father. When we sailed aboard MSC’s Meraviglia, we heard great things about their children’s programming from parents we spoke to during our cruise.

Holland America’s Veendam in Quebec City, one of the oldest cities in North America.

Cruise like a local

North American cruise fans can avoid a long flight over the pond with by cruising either coast of the continent. Randall Shirley considers the west coast of North America into Central America an ideal gay travel itinerary.  As far as the east coast, every LGBTQ cruiser we know who has taken a Canadian Maritime cruise has had a great experience. The ports on these cruises have a lot to offer. Plus, these voyages frequently begin or end in gay-friendly cities like Montreal, Quebec City, or Boston, providing a fantastic opportunity for pre-or-post cruise stays.

Adam’s Tip:  One of the best ports in North America is Quebec City.  You have a great deal of choice in terms of the cruise ships sailing this itinerary.  Cool nights and beautiful days make this an ideal summer voyage, but even though cruises are available from May through October, I can help you check on local conditions to maximize the chances of good weather.

Another close-to-home cruise option for those in the US or Canada is the Mexican Riviera. This region boasts gay-friendly ports and even resorts which cater to LGBTQ travelers.

Adam’s Tip:  Still a few places left on MMOB’s gay group cruise aboard Norwegian Bliss this October.  The 8-night Mexican Riviera cruise features lower prices than the Norwegian website and include free the Ultimate Beverage Package, gratuities, and lunch with open bar at the trendy Mantamar Beach Club in Puerto Vallarta.

Feel free to use our suggestions for fresh cruise ideas to start making your travel plans for the rest 2018 into 2019 and even 2020. Don’t settle for “same old, same old.” Try a new experience to restore your sense of cruise romance and excitement.

Remember, a travel agent is far more useful than a click. Its like having a personal shopper, and at not cost to you. Be sure to contact our cruise expert Adam Martindale, an expert in LGBTQ+ vacations. You can reach Adam by email  or call 1-877-430-MMOB  Ext: 702.