Puerto Vallarta beach party highlights gay group cruise


Sssh, don’t tell the heteros, but cruising is the gayest form of travel (C’mon, men in uniform strolling the deck as you enjoy poolside cocktails? Elegant restaurants serving gourmet meals? Plus with their powerful engines, cruise ships, like many LGBTQ folks, radiate a butch aura, yet often go by female pronouns). When you add an extra dollop of gay fun by cruising with an LGBT group, it’s like the cherry on top of a travel sundae: sublime.

Bliss-ful Voyage

Our October 2018 LGBTQ community cruise aboard Norwegian Bliss promises to be the ultimate gay group cruise experience. Norwegian Bliss has already generated huge anticipatory buzz among cruise fans. Sailing aboard the hottest, most exciting new vessel of 2018 will give you major boasting rights. Plus, we’ve planned special exclusive activities for members of our group.

This fabulous gay group cruise experience was planned by two gay travel agents. Our designated cruise experts, John Layton and Adam Martindale, have worked in the travel industry for years, creating amazing cruise experiences for thousands of LGBTQ couples and singles.  They’ve arranged a private beach party for our group in Puerto Vallarta.

Beach party and winery excursion

Puerto Vallarta offers an ideal environment for a gay beach party. This Mexican resort town gives LGBTQ travelers a warm welcome. Given Puerto Vallarta’s popularity with our community, you’ll appreciate the beachside scenery as much or more as the natural beauty of Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre Mountains.

This cruise also offers an optional excursion when Bliss docks at the up and coming food and wine destination of Ensenada. Luckily, our group will benefit from the insider knowledge of Adam Martindale, who will guide our group excursion here, escorting us to visit the best local winemakers and chefs. [link to article on wineries]

If you’re ready for sophisticated gay travel fun, you won’t want to miss this cruise. We’ve reserved enough spaces for a select group of LGBTQ cruisers to join us, so contact Adam or John as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out.