5 reasons for our cruise addiction


There is no question about it. The sea always seems to be calling us. Maybe it’s because we grew up in landlocked mid-America. But what else has conspired to feed our cruise addiction?

1. You unpack only once

It seems painfully obvious, but it’s true. While we also enjoy land travel, nothing compares to the luxury of visiting multiple places without the hassle of unpacking in a hotel, only to re-pack, then unpack again a few days later. We gay men know that wrinkles make you look sloppy and we have better things to do than ironing on vacation.

Dale converses with Gord at a cafe in Split, Croatia. We continue to stay in touch with Gord and his husband Gilles from Toronto whom we met on Norwegian Cruise Line. ©Mark den Hartog | MeetMeOnboard

2. Meeting like-minded LGBT people 

We love meeting other LGBT folks onboard. That is exactly the reason we founded MeetMeOnBoard: to enable gay folks to meet and make friends before the cruise. Before we started MMOB, we often found simpatico couples only on the last night of the cruise. While the LGBT cocktail hours help, we hope that MeetMeOnBoard has developed an important way for our members to connect at sea.

Note to the cruise lines: doing a good job with your LGBT happy hours helps earn repeat business from an extremely brand-loyal demographic.

A distinctive landmark in Helsinki is the Helsinki Cathedral © Mark den Hartog | MeetMeOnboard

3. Discovering new destinations

Although we love being on a great ship as much as the average Adam and Steve, we can’t entirely agree with the notion that a cruise ship is its own destination. If a first-class hotel with all the amenities is what you’re really looking for, why not just go to Las Vegas and stay at the Bellagio?

Call us old fashioned (No, just order us an Old Fashioned) but we love to cruise to fascinating destinations both new and old. We could go back again and again to the Adriatic, and we’ve made a pact to be sure to return to Helsinki. There are other places in the world that we’ve probably overdosed on, but if we find ourselves in what we feel is a less-than-interesting port, we simply regard it as a sea day, which brings us to…

© Mark den Hartog | MeetMeOnboard

4. Days at sea

We love sea days. The slow pace of sea days helps us kick into vacation mode. Having leisurely room service lunch in our room; sitting on the deck or in a bar watching the ocean slide by, going to the spa for a terrific massage and facial. And is there anything better than a sunset at sea with a drink in your hand?

Several entertainers on board Celebrity Cruises. © Mark den Hartog | MeetMeOnboard

5. Food & entertainment

The entertainment is something we’ve almost always enjoyed. Of course, we enjoy it when a cruise line goes all out and presents great people on stage in an excellent production. But even when a show is a bit cheesy, we can usually have fun, especially if the performances bring a sense of playfulness to what they’re doing.

Frankly, we’re relieved that the days of the gigantic mountains of food at the midnight buffet are over. However, you can find wonderful food and exceptional service on cruise ships at sea. That isn’t necessarily the case with all cruise lines, and that is one of the many reasons you need to work with a travel agent.

One highlight of contemporary cruising are the specialty restaurants. We’ve found them almost uniformly a fine addition to seagoing cuisine. 

If this article has helped whet your appetite for your next cruise, you can discuss your cruise dreams with the MeetMeOnBoard cruise experts here.