Alaska Cruise is the Coolest Summer Vacation

Cool, chill, and icy are my three favorite words right now. I repeat them to myself under my breath as I take the dogs out to do their business at 5am. This time of year, the wee hours of the morning are the only window of opportunity to walk outside without risking dehydration or heat stroke. We live in Phoenix, which means we’re envied by our friends during the winter, but pitied during the summer.

Alaska cruise

Dale looking out from our balcony as we enter Glacier Bay

An Alaskan cruise would be perfect now. Although we’ve already cruised to Alaska twice, it’s a voyage we’d love to repeat. I remember with perfect clarity the heart-stopping beauty of the scenery, the glimpses of wildlife, the delicious fresh seafood.  I fantasize about the chilly Alaskan air constantly these days—especially when I’m sweating from walking around the block in 115 degree Phoenix heat.

Alaska cruise

Glacier Bay National Park

We sailed to Alaska in 1992 with Princess and again in 2007 with Norwegian. Both voyages were amazing. We witnessed a glacier calving, and saw whales in Glacier Bay. But since we lived in Seattle at the time, I’m not sure we fully appreciated the cool beauty of the snowy Alaskan mountains.

Alaska cruise

Glacier Bay National Park is one of the highlights of any Alaska cruise

Alaska’s palette of blues, greys, and white feels like the perfect antidote to the desert during summertime. If you haven’t taken an Alaska cruise yet, add it to your bucket list immediately. When you get back, we hope you’ll share your photos and your experiences on our Facebook members’ page.

Alaska cruise


All photos above by ©Mark den Hartog

Booking info: There are a lot of great deals right now on Alaska cruises. Check with a skilled, LGBT-friendly, cruise-savvy travel agent to find the best cruise for you.