7 Hot Gay Beaches Near Cruise Ports

If you’re like us, a day—or even a few hours–at a beach really make you feel like you’re on vacation. Despite the increasing popularity of cities, towns, and even cold weather cruise ports, almost countless cruise itineraries still visit destinations focused on sun and fun. Here, in no particular order, are seven of our favorite hot gay beaches near cruise ports—each can be easily reached by rental car, taxi, or public transit from a popular cruise port.

What is your favorite gay beach near a cruise port? Talk about it in the comments section below.

The gay zone of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil is a lot of fun...and easy to spot!

The gay zone of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil is a lot of fun…and easy to spot! © Ekaterinabelova | Dreamstime.com

  1. Posto 9 area of Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Cruising to/through this sizzling South American port? A trip to Ipanema Beach is likely already on your agenda. Ipanema Beach is marked by several “posto” signs—you can’t miss them—and near number nine is where you’ll find many from our tribe. You’re likely to see plenty of posers, but it can be very fun.
  2. Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada. It’s not likely you’ll need your swimsuit for an Alaska cruise. And if you start/end in Vancouver, you won’t need it there either—if you sun your buns at Wreck Beach, that is. Accessible by car, taxi, or public transit, gorgeous Wreck, situated down the cliffs from University of British Columbia’s main campus, includes two beach sections: one of them is all gay men.
  3. Black’s Beach, San Diego, California. A cruise calling on San Diego (or one starting/ending in Los Angeles) puts you in easy distance of this well-known, gay-popular beach where nudity is generally tolerated. Framed on one side by towering cliffs, and on the other by the mighty Pacific, the broad, sandy beach is a spectacular place to sun and play. Nudity is no longer tolerated on the south end of the beach, only in the Torrey Pines State Park section to the north.
  4. Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii. Visiting Hawaii without spending time at a beach is almost unthinkable. When you’re on one of the many cruises that pass through, or around, the Hawaiian Islands, it’s well-worth the effort to rent a car on Maui and get yourself to Little Beach, up and over the rocks from Big Beach, all part of Makena State Park. The north end of Little Beach is mostly gay men, except on Sunday evenings when many of the islands hippies and wanna-be’s invade for their weekly drum circle (you’re welcome to hang out for this…but it’s loud!).

    The gay zone of Little Beach on Maui is a great place to relax.

    The gay zone of Little Beach on Maui is a great place to relax. Photo: Randall Shirley

  5. North Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. The big red almost-continent has heaps of beaches, but none pulls the gay crowd quite like famous Bondi. It’s a bit of a trek from the cruise pier area out to Bondi, but certainly doable for a few hours of fun and frolicking under the blinding hot Aussie sun…
  6. Sebastian Street Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As one of the world’s busiest cruise ports, and one of the nation’s gayest cities, it stands to reason that Fort Lauderdale makes our list (we also like Miami and South Beach). Sebastian Street Beach is an easy drive from the cruise pier, and near several of the city’s famed gay guest houses.
  7. Elia Beach, Mykonos. This Greek island is well-known for its LGBT popularity, and Elia Beach* is one of the big drawing cards. Much of the beach is covered in rentable chairs—which inevitably means frequent opportunities to spend on food and drinks—and there is a nude area popular with gay men. Some cruise lines actually offer transfers to this beach as bookable shore excursions, so straight folks may unwittingly discover themselves in the gay scene.


*Note: this location is still on my bucket list; info drawn from research.