12 LGBT travel blogs we love

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We love to discover personal stories of travel adventures that are so accessible via LGBT travel blogs.  Some of our favorite detail the joys–and occasional mishaps–of exploring the world.


What gay travel blogs do you follow? Add them in the “COMMENT” section below!

Here are 12 LGBT travel blogs we currently have bookmarked:


  1. MyGayTravelGuide. From a Gay Rodeo in Akron to Christopher Street Days in Berlin, Adam Groffman covers a wide range of travel topics and destinations. Groffman, who quit his graphic design job in 2010 to take a 15-month trip, has become something of a one-man travel industry.  Adam’s travel writing can’t be contained by just one blog.  On his other site, Travels of Adam, he covers travel from a hipster perspective (a term Adam defines as

    Jim Davila blogs as the “Breakaway Backpacker.”

    “someone who fits within a certain subculture”). That site features his series of Hipster City Guides to help you plan your next urban adventure.

  2. BreakawayBackpacker. Jaime Davila is a well-traveled young gay man. Davila, who is about to set forth on his second world tour, ranging from being held at gunpoint in Monteverde to giving a hand job on a chicken bus in Mexico (definitely NSFW but hilarious!)
  3. Quirky Travel Guy. This blog is a great reminder that fun travel doesn’t have to involve exotic destinations. Travel writer Scott covers LGBT issues as well as the offbeat places he has visited in all 48 contiguous US states plus Alaska, Mexico and Canada. Recent articles cover beach food in Puerto Vallarta; a visit to Michael Jackson’s birth home in Indiana, and Toronto’s Church-Wellesley Village gayborhood.
  4.  1Dad1Kid. This blog details the adventures of a single gay father living a nomadic life as he “world schools” his son. On the road since 2011, the duo have explored farflung destinations including Morocco and Macau. Talon Windwalker’s blog covers a diverse range of subjects including gay people living in Muslim Malaysia and Antartica family travel.
  5. landlopers

    Matt Long of the LGBT travel blog Landlopers.

    Landlopers. Matt Long describes himself as a “typical Gen-Xer and former cubicle-dweller who has a passion for all things travel.” His blog focuses on his observations while traveling as well as advice for travelers of all sexual orientations.  He offers useful tips like “Five Things I wish I Knew Before Visiting Iceland” and “20 Things Every Smart Traveler Should Know.” Unlike some travel bloggers, Long isn’t afraid to occasionally cast aside the relentlessly upbeat tone of most travel writing, addressing, for example “Animal Rights and Why Chile Upset Me.”

  6. Bounding Over Our Steps. This blog covers the travels of Ligeia and Mindy, married in Niagara Falls in 2006. Their recent blog entries covering unique personal travel experiences ranging from “Surviving Sharia Law as a Lesbian Couple” to “Getting a Knife Massage in Taipei” to “How I Ended Up in a German Holding Cell.” They also write about the challenges of maintaining their vegan diet while traveling as well as some unexpected “Advantages of Traveling As a Lesbian Couple.”
  7. Globetrotter Girls. This blog began as the adventures of another traveling lesbian couple, but after their paths diverged, only one of them, Dani, maintains the blog. Her 2014 journeys have ranged from Malta to Las Vegas to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. The blog offers tips for traveling on a shoestring and for using housesitting to support travel dreams.
  8. The bloogers of Southwest.

    Juliet and Land blog about the Southwest.

    Southwest Adventures. While most travel bloggers journey far and wide, this blog maintains a deep but narrow focus on one geographic region: the American southwest. Juliet and her wife Lane report on unexpected dining gems in El Paso, TX and Prescott, AZ as well as our own home base of Phoenix. They also offer information on little known great scenic drives in this area of the US. The couple visits both small towns and big cities in the southwest, often accompanied by their dog Bambi, who has her own section on the blog, The B*tch Report.

  9. Vagaybond. Chris and Jim “gaily travel the four corners of the world making friends with other gay men, mutually sharing our lives, blogging about, their culture, food, drink, and experiences that celebrate life.” The blog offers a unique perspective on gay travel, such astheir recent post about nostalgia for the Middle East’s “male to male ‘connectedness’ feeling, from the checkout man and the baker who knows what you are going to order immediately.” The well-traveled pair has written about what to do and where to eat and stay while visiting the Black Sea, Bangkok, Mykonos and Istanbul.
  10. Two Bad Tourists. The young gay couple that maintains this blog explain that they are great travelers, but not good tourists, as they try to avoid the usual sightseeing activities. They write about the delicate dance of being in and out of the closet as a gay couple backpacking around the world, including jaunts to Ghana, India, Ethiopia, Brazil and Greece. They also cover topics like couchsurfing and applying for long-term residence visas.
  11.  That Gay Backpacker. David from London is currently on his “big Gaysian adventure” starting in Thailand with plans to work his way through southeast Asia. His blog includes interviews with gay men from around the world, including Lahore and Rotterdam.  Recent blog entries cover topics such as“Your Guide to Gay Ibiza” and “Safe Sex During Gay Pride” as well as a mescal festival in Oaxaca.
  12. Purple Roofs Blog. This site has long been our go-to destination for finding gay-owned and gay-friendly B&Bs, inns, and hotels, but they also feature an interesting blog filled with LGBT travel stories from a variety of voices.

The only problem with reading these blogs is our travel bucket list keeps expanding. There are so many great blogs out there that we admit we can’t keep up with all of them. We’re sure we missed a few. We’d love to hear our readers’ recommendations.

What LGBT travel blogs do you enjoy? Add them in the “COMMENT” section below!